Getting Started with Spark on Kubernetes

Unlike other software products that require a lengthy installation process, Ilum is quick and easy to get started with.

Ilum is a Spark cluster manager that can take advantage of Kubernetes to provide speed and control never seen before.

With Ilum, you can start, stop, or restart your Spark jobs with just a few clicks. You can also view the progress of your jobs and get real-time feedback on their status.

It allows you to create, manage, and monitor your Spark jobs without ever having to leave the comfort of your browser.

Step 1


Install Ilum via Helm

To set up Ilum within a Kubernetes cluster, you must use Helm.

Check our ArtifactHUB.

Haven't got a Kubernetes cluster? Look into Minikube or Microk8s!

$ helm repo add ilum

$ helm install ilum ilum/ilum

All necessary services should launch within two minutes.

Step 2


Access UI

Ilum is installed with a user-friendly UI that can be accessed through service or port forwarding. Use admin/admin as default credentials. You can change them during the deployment process.

$ kubectl port-forward svc/ilum-ui 9777:9777

Visit localhost:9777 to reach an ilum-ui

Ilum will add your Kubernetes cluster to the configuration.


That's all you need to start! Now you can use UI or API to work with Ilum. Check our blog post on how to start with your first spark job on kubernetes.

  • Fully scalable Spark cluster on Kubernetes.
  • A complete substitute for Apache Hadoop Yarn on K8s that excels at handling huge data volumes thanks to its scalability.
  • Control your Spark cluster via REST API.

The future of Apache Spark.


If you're looking for a way to improve your big data processing, Apache Spark on Kubernetes is a great option to consider.

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