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Modular Data Lakehouse for a Cloud Native World

Simplify data complexity with an ecosystem designed for interactive, high-speed analytics.

Interactive Sessions

You can eliminate up to 99 percent of the time that would normally be spent on an initialization of spark job. You can control a Spark Session over REST API and build a real-time interaction with a Spark Cluster.

SparkPi with spark-submit on yarn 50 seconds

Interactive SparkPi with Ilum API on kubernetes 1 second

What is Ilum?

Originally designed to provide seamless integration and management of Apache Spark on Kubernetes , Ilum has evolved into a fully capable, modular Data Lakehouse Platform Alongside its core functionalities, Ilum embeds vital tools such as Jupyter, Apache Airflow, and MLflow, further enriching its ecosystem.

With a robust focus on interactivity, full Python and Scala support, and the transformation of Spark jobs into responsive microservices, Ilum streamlines the Data Lakehouse architecture.

Whether deployed in the cloud or on-premise, Ilum's adaptive design leverages the power of Kubernetes to offer unparalleled flexibility and scalability. This evolution underscores Ilum's commitment to redefining data handling and meeting the diverse needs of enterprises in a complex and dynamic data landscape.

Ilum is also the best way to manage and monitor your Apache Spark cluster on Kubernetes. With Ilum, you can easily connect to your kubernetes cluster and submit spark jobs or integrate Ilum with Apache Hadoop Yarn. Ilum also provides an easy-to-use web interface for monitoring your spark cluster and jobs.

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  • Spark Cluster manager
  • Monitoring tool
  • Data Warehouse
  • Visualizations on Interactive Dashboards
  • Interactive Analytics
  • Job Scheduling
Managed Spark Cluster

Managed Spark Cluster

Release the power of a fully scalable spark cluster with a blazing-fast interactive spark session.

Cloud Native Object Storage

Cloud Native Object Storage

Expand the performance with an Object storage platform built to store and retrieve data from anywhere.

Real time Data Science

Real time Data Science

Use the broad integration between Spark Streaming and Object Storage to get your results in milliseconds.

Hadoop Yarn replacement

Ilum was introduced to make managing Spark jobs easy. It provides an API and web interface to launch, monitor and control spark jobs. It was built with Kubernetes as a Spark containers manager in mind, making Spark and Kubernetes integration trivial. No more waiting for commands to be executed via the CLI or sifting through long logs to find errors. Furthermore, it integrates seamlessly with Jupyter and Object Storage.

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99% of the spark job execution time is wasted when running simple jobs.


On average, 75% of spark jobs can be executed in less than 4 seconds.


Ilum can increase your cluster efficiency even by 800%

Get ahead of the Competition with Apache Spark on Kubernetes

Replace Apache Hadoop Yarn with Ilum

Interactive spark sessions

Interactive spark sessions

Use the power of long-living Spark Jobs.

Spark Context Manager

Spark Context Manager

Manage your spark cluster through UI and REST API

Flexible storage

Flexible storage

Connect to S3 based interface with a speed of local drives.

Extend your analytics
        use cases

Extend your analytics use cases

Connect your BI tool and receive results in milliseconds.

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Versatile deployment options

Choose between On-Prem, Cloud or SaaS. Kubernetes as the only dependency

Bare Metal

Bare Metal

You don’t need any HDFS-compliant storage anymore. Instead, use built-in object storage to handle all your data within the on-prem environment.

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud

You can use Ilum in multi-cluster and multi-cloud meshes. It is prepared to work with most storage platforms like S3, GCS, Azure, HDFS and many others.

Kubernetes Native

Kubernetes Native

Ilum has been specifically designed to run on Kubernetes. Use our outstanding operator to automate platform management.

Reducing risk, improving profits and better customer experience

Realtime results with less effort

Allows for low latency results at scale for instant access to your data.

  • Powerful and Faster Results for your company
  • Great alternative for Apache Hadoop Yarn
  • Optimise legacy systems
  • Work with the highest levels of accuracy
  • Integrate your software with our powerful API